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About Us



Kroeus is a stunning combination of modern fashion and classic elegance. It is featured with high-quality material, pure color and classic style, always following the trend of times. Extravagant gloss and openhanded model create a mature and calm temperament, while sophisticated technology makes the product have special charm which is irresistible to everyone.

Kroeus will constantly improve the design concept and create new value to meet the needs of numerous customers. We strive to bring you to the exquisite and impeccable luggage. You can find a high quality luggage that suits you perfectly from Kroeus.

Design Concept

Most of us are around by bustling society and busy life, which make us exhausting and upsetting. We can’t escape from some pressure that we deserved, but we can choose to start a trip to find the peace of mind.

Designers use simple lines and pure color to symbolize our original heart. Multiple lines are symbol of companionship, but they are parallel to each other, which are also symbol of distance. So it means that we stay with you, but will not bother you when traveling.
 About Kroeus Luggage